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Why Choose Us?

Nitso Technologies was founded in 2011 with the goal of providing high-quality software solutions to professionals like Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, and Human Resource Managers. Our focus on aspiration, innovation, and technology has helped us to achieve a client base of over 1,000 customers across India.

We specialize in HRMS, Payroll, Employee Screen Monitoring, and Fixed Asset Management Software that is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Our products are designed with convenience and affordability in mind, while also offering professional-grade functionality. Our HRMS software is a fully customizable, automated application for the workforce and HR management, combining all aspects of HR in a single solution.

Nitso Human Resource Management Software
In addition to our software, we have a team of technical support staff that is trained to provide professional and technical assistance to our clients. We are dedicated to technical innovation that delivers real value and cost savings through fast-working products.

Nitso HRMS has become a popular choice for enterprises and SMEs across various industries due to its simplicity in managing workforce, payroll, and administrative tasks. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients achieve complete digital transformation by empowering them with our smart and secure solutions and becoming industry leaders in the process.

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About Nitso Software Development

Software Development

We are a dynamic driven company employing a highly qualified skilled software system engineering team. The Software professionals of Nitso Technologies are all Engineering graduates and have worked on projects involving cutting-edge technology. The professionals have broad exposure to various industries. The software professionals have rich experience having worked in Custom Software Development.

About Our Vision

Our vision is to be a Leader in Payroll, Asset and Human Resources Software. Being a Leader means we will achieve Product Excellence, Implementation Excellence, Operational Excellence and superior customer satisfaction.

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