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Nitso CTVS Medical Data Management Software

The CTVS (Cardio Thoracic Valvular Surgery) data management software is excellent software in the hospital management field. It manages all procedure of the hospital like CAD, congenital, valvular surgery, national cardio thoracic, thoracic surgery and discharge summery etc.

  • Software is fully web based with user level access control
  • Capture general details of patient
  • Complete medical history of patient
  • Store CAD and procedure data of patient
  • Capture congenital details and procedure records
  • Capture valvular surgery and procedure records
  • Capture national Cardio thoracic details
  • Maintain Thoracic surgery details
  • Discharge Summery details and related reporting
  • Various types of report as per the requirements
  • Designed using latest technology Asp.net(.NET 4.0) using language C#.
  • For data storing we are using relational database SQL Server.
CAD (Cardio Artrial Disease):

The software will keep track all records CAD related procedure details like General details, Medical History, Clinical details, Angio, Anesthesia, CPB, CABG, PO detailsand print report of all these forms.

Congenital Heart Surgery:

The software will keep track all details and procedures like medical history, anesthesia,surgical details, CPB, PO details, follow up details and reporting of all these forms.

National Cardio Thoracic:

The software maintains details record of patient for national cardio thoracic.

Thoracic Surgery:

The Software keep track of patient clinical details of thoracic surgery.

Discharge Summary:

Capture the discharge summery details and club with existing procedures details and prepare discharge summary according to its group.

Valvular Surgery:

The software will keep track all details and procedures like medical history, clinical details, angio, anesthesia, CPB, valvular surgery, PO details and reporting of all these forms





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