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HR and Payroll Software for Indian Businesses

Tired of spreadsheet scrambles and payroll errors? Our free online HR software takes the stress out of HR, payroll and compliance. Seamlessly manage your workforce and pay employees accurately on time, every time.

Sign up in minutes and say goodbye to HR headaches for good.
Free forever upto 25 employees!

best free hr software for smb in India

The Benefits That Make Us a Business Game-Changer

The Smarter Way to Streamline HR

  • Save Time and Money – Stop wasting hours on manual processes. Our automation and integration saves you big on overhead costs.
  • Boost Productivity – Say goodbye to data entry and spreadsheet struggles. Easy system access means more time spent on value-add tasks.
  • Reduce Errors – Automated calculations minimize mistakes to ensure accurate, on-time payroll without failures.
  • Streamline HR Workflows – Intuitive interface centralizes employee records, leave, attendance, and other HR data.
  • First-Class Support – Our dedicated support team is available to help you via phone, email, and chat.
  • Built for All Business Sizes – Simple and scalable platform suitable for startups to large enterprises.
Streamlining HR Processes with Employee Self Service Capabilities

Why Go With Nitso’s Free HR Software?

Best Free HR Software That Works The Way You Do

More than just free, our HR software is designed to simplify work for you. Quick and easy to implement, our intuitive system seamlessly manages essential HR tasks so you can focus on your business goals.


Simplicity Redefined

Intuitive dashboards and workflows make HR tasks straightforward for anyone.

Secure Cloud Access

Manage workforce securely via web from any device, anywhere.

Quick Response

Our dedicated support team ensures all queries are resolved within 24 hours.

15 Minute Setup

Sign up and have the software ready for your business in just 15 minutes via our guided setup.

Set Rules, Automate, Forget

Configure system rules and approval workflows to automate repetitive tasks.

Same Day Implementation

Get started swiftly with our commitment to onboard you within 24 hours.

Get Started For Free! Our free plan is perfect for startups and SMEs with up to 25 employees.
Sign up now to simplify HR & payroll.

Here’s what the best free HR and payroll software in India has to offer.

HR Got You Overwhelmed? Get Organized with Our Free HR management Software Forever!

Why Industry Leaders Rely on Nitso HRMS for Employee Self Service ESS
  • Employee Database – Centralize all employee information including contact details, family, documents, bank accounts. Easily track and manage records.
  • Leave Management – Automate leave allocation, application and approval workflows. Monitor leaves available and taken for accurate planning.
  • Letter Module – Create customizable job offer letters, appointment letters, promotion letters, and other HR documents.
  • Salary Processing – Handle salary calculations accurately including allowances, deductions, reimbursements and more.
  • Loan/Advances – Manage employee loan requests, approvals, disbursal and deductions seamlessly.
  • FNF Processing – Streamline full and final settlement calculations for exiting employees.
  • Supplementary Payments – Handle additional payouts for overtime, commissions, incentives, or retroactive pay.
  • Reimbursements – Automate expense claim submissions, approvals and disbursal as tax-free reimbursements.
  • Bonus Calculation – Calculate and process periodic bonuses based on company policy and performance parameters.
  • Gratuity/Leave Encashment – Account for gratuity eligibility, service period and payments upon resignation or retirement.
  • PF/ESIC/PT Calculation – Automated provident fund, ESIC and professional tax calculations compliant with regulations.
  • Payslips – Generate individual detailed payslips for each employee every payroll run.
  • Salary Sheets & Reports – Get access to consolidated payroll sheets and custom reports for analysis.
  • Employee Profile – Access comprehensive employee profiles with personal, job and compensation details.
Best payroll software Delhi NCR

Join thousands of companies that trust Nitso to help automate all of their processes and workflows

Nitso Technologies has everything you need to compliantly automate all of your processes to hire, pay, and manage your global team of contractors and employees. Human Resource Management Software (HRMS), Payroll Management Software, Fixed Asset Management Software, Employee Monitoring Software, and custom-made software for your global team.
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Stop Spreadsheet Struggles! Sign up and experience automated HR workflows and payroll for 25 employees, completely free.

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FAQ Related to Nitso’s Free HR Payroll Software

Answering Your Pressing Questions

Is Nitso's HR software really free forever?

Yes! Our free plan for teams up to 25 employees is absolutely free forever. We will never ask you to start paying.

What details do I need to sign up for Nitso's free HR software?

Just your name, company email, phone number and company name. The signup takes less than 2 minutes!

How long does it take to get Nitso's free HR software running?

Our guided setup takes around 15 minutes. We can have your account ready to use on the same day in most cases.

What HR features are included in Nitso's free forever plan?

Our free plan includes employee database, leave management, attendance tracking, payroll integrations, custom reports and more!

Is there any customer support offered for free accounts?

Yes, our customer success team is available by email and phone to help free members during business hours IST.

How do I upgrade from the free plan to premium plans?

You can upgrade seamlessly from within your Nitso account or contact our sales team. Contact us for details on our premium plans for larger teams.

Is the free HR software secure? What about data?

Absolutely. We use enterprise-grade security including encryption, backups and strict access controls.

Does the free plan work for multiple locations or branches?

Yes, the cloud-based system can be accessed securely from any location by your authorized employees.

Don’t Pay For HR Software Again! Our free plan covers all your needs for 25 or fewer employees. Sign up for yours today!
Schedule a consultation to see how it can benefit your organization.

Call +91-981-814-4250 for Free Sign Up

Global Brands love us for

Ease of use, customer support and great product

“We used to spend hours each week manually tracking and updating employee profiles. But, Nitso HRMS has automated the entire process by using ESS module - giving us time back while also improving accuracy.”

Dishant Dev

“We have been pleased with Nitso's software. The scalability and customization options have allowed us to tailor the software to our specific needs."

Savannah Nguyen

"Nitso's payroll software has been a huge help in keeping our organization compliant with laws and regulations. The automation and compliance features have made it much easier to stay on top of things."

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