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Fixed Assets Management Software

Nitso Asset-Specialist is a kind of Fixed Assets Management Software in India that is designed to keep an updated record of the fixed assets of your company/ organization. Asset Specialist gives a clear view and control of all your Assets, their placements, historical cost, written down value, additional cost incurred, and much more. This software is specially designed to keep a maintenance and track record of usage of your fixed assets. This software will eliminate any drudgery and negligence in the maintenance of Fixed Assets. It will help you in ensuring that all assets are adequately insured, and are under AMC. It will also help you to calculate correct asset valuations and accurate depreciation deductions for income tax and other statutory purposes. Asset-Specialist streamlined approach will save you hours of effort and investments and put you in control of your fixed assets.

NITSO Fixed Asset Management Software

Fixed Assets Management Software in India for Corporates and Manufacturing companies:

Nitso offers the Fixed Asset Tracking Software that provides great assistance to all sizes of corporate and manufacturing that have fixed assets. It allows averting of unnecessary expenses on maintenance. It will also send you notifications for the maintenance requirement and procedures. Nitso’s fixed assets management software allows organizations to monitor equipment and vehicles, assess and evaluate their condition, and keep them in a good working position. The fixed asset management system also allows you to understand a lot more about your assets and identify trends, allowing you to understand and respond before they lead to major problems in operations.

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Fixed Asset Management Software for Schools, Colleges, and Educational Institutions:

Fixed Assets Management Software India for Schools, Colleges, and Educational Institutions

Nitso brings you one of the best-fixed assets management software for schools and educational institutions in India. Assets management is one of the critical parts of managing an educational institution. Keeping an accurate and proper record of desks, benches, science equipment, sports gear, etc., is crucial for school management to ensure that the old and unsafe equipment is replaced on time. Keeping a meticulous record of fixed assets is very important for any school or college to comply with each and every rule and regulation set by the government.

Asset Specialist is designed as multipurpose software that can efficiently serve any educational institution’s needs. Asset Specialist will provide you with synergic benefits of accurate record-keeping, timely maintenance, and statutory compliance.

Fixed Asset management software for Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing industries are mainly based on their production abilities. Production can be efficient only if the fixed assets of the company are adequately maintained. Fixed Assets Management Software in India allows the manufacturers to evaluate the future equipment and manufacturing costs and requirements of investments and, thus, assists them to create a cost-efficient budget. It also assists them to create reports on current and future values of their fixed assets and enhancing their fixed assets turnover ratio. Nitso Fixed Asset Specialist will help to keep your fixed asset well held and recorded.

Fixed Assets Management Software for Hospitals and Dispensaries in India:

Asset management is essential for hospitals. Regular and accurate maintenance of a record of custody, historical value, maintenance dates, replacement cost, etc., must be managed to operate efficiently. Fixed Assets of hospitals are as crucial as health professionals in the hospital.

In order to offer each and every patient the best healthcare possible and prevent hospital activities from delaying, a trustable asset management strategy is totally a must-have. The ideal ways to track, monitor, maintain, and regulate hospital inventory and operations is by utilizing a healthcare asset management software solution.

Fixed Asset Management Software for Hospital
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Cloud-Based Fixed Asset Management Software:

CAM or Cloud Asset Management is the procedure by which organizations handle several remotely-provisioned cloud infrastructures and resources. Nitso Technologies has always been State-of-the-art in its approach to overcoming industry obstacles. The new cloud-based fixed assets management software is designed for the convenience of business owners in India. Now you can operate the fixed asset management software from the web and enter or retrieve data from anywhere outside the office premises. Asset Specialist has better web security, data integrity, and compatibility.

Fixed Asset Management Software Key Features

  • $Various Asset details like Asset code, Asset Description, Asset Type, Purchase information, GST information, etc. can be recorded in the fixed assets management system.
  • $Automatic Asset Code & Physical No for each asset.
  • $Voucher details of each asset can be documented.
  • $Assets can be arranged Location-wise, Department wise, cost center wise.
  • $Blockwise, Category wise classification of assets.
  • $Income Tax Book and Accounting Book and two spare books are inbuilt in the system.
  • $Depreciation methods like SLM, WDV are inbuilt in the fixed asset management software.
  • $AMC & Insurance details for each asset can be fed.
  • $Physical verification details can be recorded in the fixed asset management software.
  • $Write off & adjustments, if any, can be recorded in the fixed assets management system against each asset.
  • $Shift-wise usage details for each asset if required.
Supplementary Payments and Reimbursement Module Key Features
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  • $The sale/ discard of assets can be done in the fixed assets management software.
  • $Splitting of assets can be done in fixed asset management system.
  • $Relocation of assets can be done in fixed asset management software.
  • $Depreciation calculation for each book for a selected period can be done with a click of a button.
  • $Various Reports like Fixed Assets Register, Fixed Asset Schedule as per Income Tax, 3CD Extract, Depreciation Calculation report, Depreciation Comparison Report, AMC / Insurance / Warranty expiry report.
  • $Different kinds of MIS Reports are available in the fixed asset management software.
  • $Unlimited User-defined field for each asset.
  • $Barcode & QR code generate facility with print from software.
  • $Consumable items also can be managed in software.
  • $Well-designed rights management system for user control.
  • $Software is Multi-user and Multi-Company, Software is capable to import data from MS Excel.
  • $Mobile App is also available for Fixed Asset Verification process.

FAQs Related to Nitso Fixed Asset Software System

What is Nitso fixed asset management software?

Nitso fixed asset management software is a specialized tool designed to help businesses track, monitor, and manage their fixed assets throughout their lifecycle. It enables organizations to efficiently handle tasks such as asset tracking, fixed asset depreciation calculation, maintenance scheduling, and reporting.

What are the benefits of using Nitso fixed asset management software?

Nitso Fixed asset management software offers several advantages, including:

  • Streamlined asset tracking and inventory management.
  • Improved accuracy in asset valuation and depreciation calculations.
  • Enhanced compliance with accounting regulations and reporting standards.
  • Simplified maintenance scheduling and tracking.
  • Increased visibility into asset utilization and performance.
  • Time and cost savings through automation and streamlined processes.

Can your software integrate with existing systems?

Yes, our fixed asset management software is designed to seamlessly integrate with various existing systems, such as accounting software, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, and other relevant platforms. This ensures smooth data flow and avoids duplication of efforts.

How does the Nitso fixed assets register software help with asset tracking and auditing?

Our software provides robust features for asset tracking and auditing, including:

  • Barcode or RFID tagging for easy identification and scanning.
  • Real-time visibility into asset location, status, and history.
  • Comprehensive audit trails to track changes and modifications.
  • Automated reconciliation between physical and recorded assets.
  • Customizable reporting to facilitate audits and compliance checks.

Is the Nitso assets management software scalable for businesses of different sizes?

Absolutely! Our fixed asset management software is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from small enterprises to large corporations. It is scalable and flexible, allowing you to adapt and grow your asset management processes as your organization expands.

How does the Nitso assets software handle depreciation calculations?

Nitso fixed asset management software utilizes industry-standard depreciation methods such as straight-line, declining balance, and sum-of-years’ digits. It automates the depreciation calculation process based on your chosen method, ensuring accuracy and compliance with accounting standards.

Can Nitso assets software help with preventive maintenance scheduling?

Yes, Nitso fixed asset management software system includes preventive maintenance functionality. You can set up maintenance schedules for your assets, define tasks, assign technicians, and receive automated reminders when maintenance is due. This helps you prolong asset lifespan, reduce unexpected breakdowns, and optimize maintenance efforts.

Does the Nitso asset software support mobile devices for asset management?

Absolutely! Our Nitso fixed asset management software offers mobile accessibility, allowing you to track and manage assets using smartphones or tablets. With our mobile app, you can perform tasks like asset scanning, updates, and check-ins/outs on the go, providing flexibility and convenience.

How secure is the data stored in the software?

We prioritize the security of your data. Our fixed asset management software system employs robust security measures, including encrypted data transmission, role-based access control, and regular data backups. We also adhere to industry best practices to safeguard your sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Can the software generate customizable reports?

Yes, our software provides extensive reporting capabilities. You can generate pre-built reports on asset inventory, depreciation, maintenance history, and more. Additionally, you can customize reports by selecting specific data fields, applying filters, and even scheduling automated report generation for streamlined asset management.

Who should use asset management?

Asset management is a proven technique that offers extensive benefits to establishments managing tangible resources. It is recommended for educational institutions and non-profit organizations alike along with businesses both large and small encompassing public-sector establishments too. By implementing asset tracking methods effectively, an entity ensures optimized upkeep leading to better operational outputs – making it essential across varied sectors.

What is the best asset management software to choose?

In selecting Asset Management Software appropriate for your organization a variety of considerations are necessary. This involves identifying individualized needs for specific business models alongside factors such as the number of assets and integration capability with other existing systems. Additional critical aspects include ease-of-use of the chosen platform as well as customer support quality provided by vendors etc., all while ensuring the budget parameters. It is advisable to consider more than one option in detail regarding their features before making an informed decision best suited for organizational fit.

What is asset management in SaaS?

Asset management in SaaS (Software as a Service) refers to the utilization of cloud-based software solutions for managing and tracking assets. With asset management software offered as a service, organizations can access the software through the internet, eliminating the need for on-premises installations. It allows for flexibility, scalability, and easier collaboration among users.

What is the difference between asset management and an asset management system?

The term ‘asset management’ contains every activity related to keeping track of assets from starting point until disposal such as its maintenance procedure or improving functionality for attaining maximum value out of it over the lifecycle. On the other hand, an asset management system refers to the software or technological solution specifically designed to facilitate and streamline asset management processes.

Can Nitso HRMS be used for asset management?

Yes, it can be used for basic asset management. While Nitso HRMS (Human Resource Management System) primarily focuses on managing HR-related functions, such as employee records, attendance, payroll, and recruitment, it may not have dedicated features for comprehensive asset management. For efficient asset management, it is recommended to use our specialized fixed asset management software or system.

What is the best way to track fixed assets?

The best way to track fixed assets is by utilizing a reliable asset tracking system. This can involve methods such as a barcode or RFID tagging, asset labels, or asset tracking software. These systems enable you to record and update asset information, track their movements, conduct regular audits, and maintain accurate records of asset location and usage.

What is the second name for fixed asset management?

Another term often used interchangeably with fixed asset management is “PPE management.” PPE stands for Property, Plant, and Equipment, which encompasses long-term assets such as buildings, machinery, vehicles, and land. PPE management refers to the processes and practices involved in effectively managing and maintaining these fixed assets throughout their lifecycle.

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