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Empower Your Employees To Work Smarter

Nitso Technologies makes your processes easy by helping you manage and automate all of your workflows through Nitso Softwares, including HRMS, Payroll, EMS, and many more.

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Join thousands of companies that trust Nitso to help automate all of their processes and workflows

Nitso Technologies has everything you need to compliantly automate all of your processes to hire, pay, and manage your global team of contractors and employees. Human Resource Management Software (HRMS), Payroll Management Software, Fixed Asset Management Software, Employee Monitoring Software, and custom-made software for your global team.

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Our Products
With Nitso Technologies’ products & services, you can make your work processes easier.


It is a web-based software for complete HR and Payroll functions like HR database, Payroll processing, ESS (Employee Self Service), Leave Application, Time Shift Management, Reimbursement, Recruitment, Employee Exit, Training, and many more features.

Nitso HRMS ( Human Resource Management Software)
Nitso HRMS ( Human Resource Management Software)

Payroll Management Software

Nitso Payroll management software is user-friendly software with Employee Management, Leave, Attendance, Loan & Advance, PF, ESIC, TDS, Arrears, Bonus, Supplementary Payments, Letter, and many more.

Nitso Payroll module key features


Nitso Asset Specialist software is user-friendly software with multibooks, Asset acquisition, Sale, Discard, Transfer, Split, AMC, Insurance, Depreciation Calculation, Statutory Reports, and many more.

Nitso Asset Specialist
Nitso Employee Monitoring software


Nitso PC Watch Employee Monitoring Software tracks and informs the employer about how the employee is using their time at work. It monitors your employee’s work PC…

Nitso Employee Monitoring software

Cloud-based HRMS

Instead of using traditional on-premises software where you have to purchase all of it, you can go for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) software hosted on the cloud…

Nitso HRMS on Cloud
Nitso HRMS on Cloud

What does Nitso Technologies do?

Takes your workplace productivity to a whole new level

Easy to Use and Access Nitso Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Easy to Use

A user-friendly interface is not overly complex, but instead is straightforward, providing quick access to common features or commands.

Unique Design

Unique Design

State of the art design of the applications makes applications different & unique from other products available in the market.

Easy to Integrate Nitso Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Easy to Integrate

Easy to integrate with third-party applications using API’S.

Easy to Use and Access Nitso Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Easy to Access

Accessibility, Entering, Communicating, Working, storing & exiting the application is easy.

Easy to Configure

Easy to Configure

Applications are built on Microsoft technologies & are easy to configure on local as well as on server/client environments.

 Single Source of Truth

Single Source of Truth

SSOT to ensure that everyone in the organization uses the same data when making decisions.

app 19

Nitso HRMS on Cloud Pricing Model

HRMS pricing structure on Nitso Technologies cloud module-wise.

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Satisfied Customers

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“This Software is for a company that has goals of being paperless. Implement paperless processes off the bat. It’s more difficult if you implement them later. Get employees and managers used to the product.”

Abhey Kumar, HR Manager, (Exide Batteries)

“Easy and straight forward to use, Excellent system. The greatest asset is Customer Care, top and first class.”

Dinesh Khatri, HR Manager (Auth Bridge)

“In my experience with Nitso HRMS, Nitso gives you an “all-inclusive package”. This product is user-friendly compared to others that I have used.”

Mandeep Singh, HR Manager (Raddision Hotel)

“In my experience with Nitso Technologies Payroll Management Software, Nitso gives you an “all-inclusive package”. This product is very user-friendly compared to others that I have used.”

Pawan Kumar, HR Asst. Manager (Holostik)

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