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Streamline Attendance Management with Nitso HRMS

Take Control of Employee Attendance Tracking

Managing employee attendance, time tracking, schedules and leave can be challenging without the right tools. Nitso HRMS software makes it simple with automated attendance tracking, calendar scheduling, overtime calculations, leave management and data-driven insights.

Streamline Attendance Management with Nitso HRMS

Benefits of Online Attendance Management System

Never Stress Over Attendance Tracking Again

Managing employee attendance, time tracking, leave and scheduling efficiently is critical for organizations of all sizes. However, many still rely on outdated manual processes and spreadsheets which are time consuming, prone to errors and provide poor visibility. Switching to an automated online attendance management system provides numerous benefits that can transform your HR operations.
Some major advantages include:
  • Automated Time Tracking: Automatically track employee hours worked, overtime, late arrivals/early departures with easy clock in/out.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Create and manage schedules, assign shifts, and set holidays and time-off.
  • Actionable Analytics: Get real-time attendance dashboard with overtime alerts, absenteeism tracking and attendance violation flags.
  • Leave Management: Streamline leave requests, allocation, approval workflows and tracking.
  • Geotagging: Optional GPS tagging of attendance to prevent buddy punching and tackle payroll fraud.
  • Compliance: Adhere to labour regulations related to meals, breaks, overtime, late working policies and more.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrate attendance data with payroll to compute salaries with precision.
Benefits of Online Attendance Management System

Features of
Nitso’s Attendance Management System

Packed With Everything You Need for Seamless Online Attendance Management


Easy Time Tracking

Intuitive interfaces for employees to clock in/out via web portal, mobile app, and biometrics.


Shift Scheduling

Create and manage shifts, assign them to employees, and set holidays, leaves and time-off policies.


Attendance Calendar

Visual calendar showing employee schedules, time-off and coverage gaps at a glance. Easily make changes.


Automated Compliance

Configure policies to track meal breaks, rest periods, late arrivals, overtime limits and more.


Real-Time Analytics

Monitor overtime, absenteeism, schedule adherence, workforce utilization and more with dashboards.


Location Tracking

Optional GPS-based attendance logging to prevent wage theft and tackle buddy punching.


Payroll Integration

Seamlessly connect attendance data with payroll for accurate salary computation based on hours logged.


Access Control

Manage employee access to specific attendance features through role-based permissions.


Customizable Platform

Tailor attendance workflows, approvals, notifications and more to your needs.

See Nitso’s Attendance Management In Action

Implementation of Nitso Attendance Management Module

Calculate Process Attendance & Payroll in Just Few Clicks

Implementing Nitso’s attendance management module is designed to be quick, easy and painless. Here’s how simple it is:
Implementation of Nitso Attendance Management Module
  • Intuitive Setup: Our step-by-step wizards guide you through the initial configuration. Easily set up departments, locations, schedules, policies, permissions and more.
  • Pre-Built Templates: Start instantly with our pre-configured attendance templates for different industries like healthcare, retail, hospitality etc.
  • Role-Based Access: Give managers, employees, and HR staff access to only the attendance features they need for their role.
  • Employee Onboarding: Employees can download the mobile app and set up their accounts and preferences in minutes.
  • Dedicated Support: Our implementation experts are available 24/7 to answer any questions and help you get maximum value.
  • Seamless Migration: We make it easy to import your existing attendance data and integrate it with current systems.
With Nitso, taking control of attendance management takes just minutes, not months. Get in touch for a hassle-free implementation experience.

Get full access to Nitso for 7 days, no credit card is required.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to implement Nitso for attendance management?

Our quick setup and training resources help you get up and running in just days or weeks, not months. We make implementation smooth and painless.

What options are available for employees to clock in and out?

Employees can clock in/out via web portal, mobile app, biometric devices and more.

Can Nitso handle complex shift scheduling?

Yes, you can easily create rotating shifts, multiple locations, and on-call shifts, and manage schedules with simplicity.

Can you customize attendance workflows in Nitso?

Yes, you can tailor everything from approval processes to notifications to match your unique needs.

What kind of reporting does Nitso provide?

Real-time dashboards give insights into overtime, absenteeism, schedule adherence, and more. All reports are customizable.

Is Nitso safe for managing sensitive employee attendance data?

Absolutely! Nitso utilizes enterprise-grade security like encryption, SSO, and access controls to protect your data.

Does Nitso work for managing the attendance of hourly, salaried, and contract workers?

Yes, Nitso’s flexible system works for all worker types – full-time, part-time, hourly, salaried, contractors.

Can you track attendance across multiple locations with Nitso?

Yes, you can set up and track attendance for unlimited locations, departments, and teams within a single account.

How do you prevent employee buddy punching with Nitso?

Optional GPS and geofencing features ensure employees clock in from assigned locations to prevent buddy punching.

Does Nitso provide native mobile apps for attendance management?

Yes, Nitso offers full-featured iOS and Android apps so employees can clock in/out and managers can access dashboards on-the-go.

Can we import our historical attendance data into Nitso?

Yes, Nitso offers batch data import via CSV/Excel for easy migration of your existing attendance data.

Do you offer onsite training and support?

Besides online resources, we offer customized onsite training to help admins and employees become experts in using Nitso.

What is your uptime SLA guarantee?

We guarantee 99.9% scheduled uptime on the Nitso platform and provide 24/7 proactive monitoring.

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