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Time Shift Management System
A Module in Nitso HRMS

Empowering Employees with Intelligent
Time Shift Management

The Time Shift Management System module in Nitso HRMS provides robust tools to streamline shift scheduling, attendance tracking, and timecard management.

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Time shift module in hrms software

Streamline Operations with Intelligent Time Shift Management System

Optimize Scheduling, Maximize Productivity

Implementing a Time Shift Management module in your HRMS software provides numerous benefits for both employees and HR teams.
  • Automatic Shift Scheduling – The Time Shift Management System uses intelligent algorithms to create optimal shift schedules based on your requirements. Saves managers time and headaches.
  • Attendance Tracking in Real-Time – The Time Shift Management System provides real-time visibility into clock-ins, breaks, and clock-outs with geofencing.
  • Access Control Integration – Integrate with access control systems to automatically track attendance when employees badge in and out.
  • Labour Cost Tracking – Managers can track labour hours and costs across multiple departments and locations. Optimize scheduling for labour budget needs.
  • Reporting and Analytics – Robust reporting provides insight into absenteeism, overtime, scheduling trends and more. Make data-driven decisions.
Time shift management software

Intelligent Features to Streamline
Scheduling and Attendance

Packed with Everything you Need to Streamline Time Shift Management

The Time Shift Management System module provides a robust set of capabilities to simplify shift management.


Shift Scheduling

Managers can assign shifts based on roles, locations, departments, and employee preferences.


Attendance Tracking

The Time Shift Management System offers flexible clock-in/out options like geo-fencing, biometrics, web portal, and mobile app.


Absence Management

Employees can request time off which feeds into the schedule. Managers can track sick days, PTO, and leave.


Robust Reporting

Managers can generate reports on schedules, attendance, absenteeism, overtime, and more.



Schedule employees across multiple departments and locations using shared scheduling pools.


Shift Trading

Employees can trade shift assignments based on preferences and availability outside of the regular schedule.


Overtime Rules

Configure overtime policies and pay rates. The system automatically calculates overtime based on hours worked.


Break Management

Enforce policies for break durations and timing. Track paid and unpaid break time.



Seamlessly integrates time data with payroll, HRM software, and other systems.

See Nitso’s Time Shift Management Sysem In Action

Nitso HRMS: Trusted by Leading Organizations

The Smarter Choice for Enterprise Shift Management

Nitso’s HRM Time Shift Management module delivers tremendous value through its robust capabilities and easy integration. Here are the top reasons to choose Nitso as your Time Shift Management partner:

Why Industry Leaders Rely on Nitso HRMS for Employee Self Service ESS
  • Enterprise-grade Scalability – The system easily scales across multiple locations and large employee bases with enterprise-grade infrastructure.
  • Implementation Expertise – Our seasoned team has implemented the Time Shift Management System at complex global organizations. We provide guidance tailored to your needs.
  • Industry Know-how – With decades of HR/workforce management experience, Nitso understands the unique needs of your industry for optimal shift scheduling.
  • Responsive Support – Friendly and knowledgeable support is available 24/7 to answer any questions and provide assistance.
  • Trustworthy Partner – As an established HR/workforce management leader, Nitso is a trustworthy long-term partner dedicated to your success.

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FAQ Related to Nitso’s Time Shift Management Module

Your Time Shift Management Questions, Answered

What features are included in the Time Shift Management System module?

The module includes shift scheduling, shift swapping, attendance tracking, absence management, labour cost tracking, reporting, and more. It provides a comprehensive solution for managing your workforce’s time and schedules.

Can the Time Shift Management System handle complex shift patterns?

Yes, it supports flexible shift patterns including rotations, alternating days/nights, weekends, holidays, and more. Rules can be configured per department.

What kind of reporting does the Time Shift Management System provide?

It offers 10+ pre-built reports covering schedules, attendance, tardiness, overtime, vacancies, and more. Reports can be customized, scheduled, exported, and accessed on any device.

What training is included with the Time Shift Management System?

The module comes with administrator training, videos, live virtual training sessions, and ongoing support to ensure you get the most value.

How can I get a free demo of the Time Shift Management System?

Please contact our sales team at [email protected] or call +91-981-814-4250 to schedule a personalized free demo at a time that works for you.

Can employees submit time-off requests through the Time Shift Management System?

Yes, employees can submit PTO, sick days, and other leave requests which get routed to managers for approval and are factored into shift scheduling.

What options are available for clocking in and out?

The system supports various options including geo-fencing, biometrics, web portal, mobile app, and integration with badge readers and other access control systems.

How does overtime work with the Time Shift Management module?

Overtime policies and pay rates are configurable. The system automatically calculates overtime based on hours worked.

Is there a mobile app for managers and employees?

Yes, full-featured iOS and Android apps give mobile access to check attendance, leave requests, clock in/out and more.

How does the Time Shift Management System calculate labour costs?

It calculates projected and actual labour costs based on hourly rates and hours worked across locations. This supports labour budgeting.

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