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How to Use Instagram Reels for Your Brand: Tips and Examples

Dec 9, 2023 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Do you know that social media has become a powerful platform for businesses?

Yes! It has yet to remain a place to chat and share your lifestyle with friends and family.

One of them is Instagram which has gained immense popularity in reaching your global audience. With time Instagram has changed the marketing scenario of brands and businesses with amazing reel features. With the rising popularity of TikTok videos Instagram has introduced its reel feature in August 2020 and it has created an instant buzz among the Instagramers.

Instagram reels have opened whole new opportunities for businesses and marketers over the Instagram platform. Many businesses have started to embed Instagram reels into website to attract the attention of their audience.

The feature of Instagram reel is highly engaging which offers the businesses incredible reach and discoverability which helps them to grow their audience. If you properly use this incredible Instagram reel feature for your business you can gain a lot from that.

This article will guide the business on how they can make proper use of the Instagram reels to reach their target audience.

Get along with this article till the end to know everything.

What Are Instagram Reels?

This article will start by explaining to you about Instagram reel before getting into the guide to its correct use for marketing.

Instagram reels are scrollable short videos that can be easily created using many features and audio clips can also be included afterward. The maximum duration of these videos is between 15 to 90 seconds but can bring huge tractions and attention to your business.

If you have used TilkTok then you can find Instagram reels familiar. The vibe of the Instagram reels is familiar to stories but they can be shared as feeds and also include long catchy captions. Your audience has the option to interact with your reel by sharing, liking, and commenting on it. If your reel is loved by your audience then they can easily follow you by clicking on the follow option next to the brand name.

Worthy Way To Use Instagram Reels For Your Business: Tips

Now that you have the basic idea of an Instagram reel let’s get quickly to know the ways you can make them worthwhile for your business. It is very important to understand that Instagram reels are a great way to make your brand visible to large audiences on the platform and keep them engaged

You have provided below some of the best practices to create winning reels that you can include in your strategy.

Among the other tips, this point in the list is the most crucial one that you must follow to bring the highest engagement.

It is suggested that you go through other reels on the Instagram widget. This is the best strategy to understand what is trending at the moment. If you carefully go through them you will find the type of theme and templates other people use to make their reels. You will also find out that some of the audio other creators are using in the loop.

So, it is your call to understand that you should also use them on your reels. Jumping on to the trends gives your audience a clear indication that you understand their interests and want to keep up with their values. This trend can be seasonal which provides you with a great opportunity to promote your special offers and new products.

2. Share the BTS of your brand

It is a fact that you need to know that your audience loves to know and appreciate the rawness of your brands. They love the fact that they get to know the real facts about your business through reels. So, start creating authentic reels of your brands that show “behind the scenes” type content to your targeted audience. This helps your targeted audience to easily relate to your brand.

For example, if you are planning to launch a new product of your brand then start making your audience curious by sharing them with some behind-the-scenes short reels of that product. This will help you to hold the excitement in your audience about your new launch. This will increase engagement for your targeted audience with your brand as well.

3. A strong impression is a great start

Your reel must have a kick that makes your audience stop scrolling on your reel and pay their interest to watch the reel till the end.

Therefore, it is very important to keep going with a strategy other than following the trends. So, the strategy is to use bold text at the start of the reel video which will instantly grab the attention of your targeted audience and compel them to see the full reel.

For example, in the beginning, include a highlighted sentence that will make your audience curious like something in question form whose answer is the reel.

4. Tells a story

One of the best marketing strategies to attract your targeted audience is storytelling and you can do the same through Instagram reels.

Your audience loves to hear the story, so, tell your brand story or the story of your client’s good experience to capture their attention and build a good brand reputation. Make a reel with trending audio that shows one of your client’s good experiences. This type of reel hugely impacts your targeted audience on how they will see your brand and build their trust in your brand.

5. Share valuable information

You can never go wrong with sharing informative reels to attract the attention of your targeted audience. It is an outstanding strategy for your business making reels focused on sharing something that your audiences may need to know.

Suppose you own an HR Software brand, thus, showing your audience how software can make your HR work simple, and through a quick reel can amaze them.

Parting Note

Instagram is a platform that helps audiences to discover brands now and then through various features. Instagram reels are an exclusive way to engage your audience and grow your brand on Instagram.

This article has provided you with a complete guide on how to use Instagram reels for your business. It has provided you with the best practices to create winning reels that will help you grow your business.

Follow the strategies and make your brand stand out among the competition.

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