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Human Resource Management Software

Nitso HR Management Software is the ultimate solution for HRMS software in India that offers easy & user-friendly HR solutions to all kinds of enterprises/ organizations. Our complete Human Resource Management Software System/ HR software system will assist you to automate, streamline, manage, and integrating all your HR, Payroll, Compliance, Leave & Attendance, Employee Self Service, training, HRMS & Recruitment tasks. The combination of these in one application will help you to align the HR process along with aligning with the organization’s goal. Nitso HRMS software system in India is undoubtedly one of India’s best and most preferred human resource management software system because of its simplicity, integrity, and affordable pricing which makes it preferable among its users.

Nitso HR Management Software system is designed in a way that all the modules could be integrated and operated on a single platform. The roles and responsibilities of every employee can be assigned, and partial module or function rights can be granted. Stepping Ahead Nitso HRMS system is also equipped with an additional utility that enables data access restriction on a division basis.

Nitso Payroll and Human Resource Management Software HRMS

Why Nitso HR Software?

Find all employee records easily – Nitso HRMS software system is very easy to use and will entirely assist you in retrieving and archiving all HR records, ranging from absenteeism to appraisals.

Simple Reporting

The straightforward reporting function of the HR software in India means you can make informed management decisions, and with the facility to attach documents, you can also store all your employee data in one place.

Integrate and Save More

Nitso HR Manager can also be used alongside Nitso Payroll Specialist, Nitso Leave and Attendance Management, Nitso Cloud, etc. Entering your data only once and sharing it between your HR, Database, and payroll software, thus saving a considerable amount of time and effort.

Well Supported

Your annual fee in our Nitso HRMS software provides you with facilities such as unlimited phone, email, and web support along with any software upgrades – guaranteeing you are always working with the latest government legislation.

Helpful Tools and Reports

Nitso HRMS software in India has bought in many tools that will help you to be always up-to-date and accurate. Nitso HR Manager automatically evaluates, analyzes, and confirms which employees are above the statutory requirements of PF/ ESIC or under TDS deductions.

Tailor the Requirements

A whole range of customizable functions is included in the Nitso HRMS software to create an extremely useful and comprehensive HR system for use in your entity. Nitso, Human Resource management software, will assist your company to develop and retain all the employment records for your staff members while enabling you to produce the reports you need quickly. If there is any additional amount deducted or added to your employee’s salary as per your company’s policy, you can add the function on the pre-existing format. There is no need for expensive coding and additional work when you have Nitso HR Management Software.
Why Nitso HR software
Nitso HR Software key features

Modules in HRMS Software

Payroll Software Features

  • $Employee Management Systems
  • $Leave Management
  • $PF (Provident Fund)
  • $ESIC (Employee's State Insurance Corporation)
  • $TDS (Tax Deducted at Source)
  • $Loan & Advances
  • $Arrears Management
  • $Bonus Management
  • $Gratuity
  • $Reimbursements
  • $Full & Final
  • $Report Writer
  • $Letter Module
Nitso HRMS Payroll software module key features
ESS (Employee Self Service) Module Key Features

ESS (Employee Self Service) Module Features

  • $Individual Employee logs in with Password protection and change of Password on regular intervals for enhanced security can be done on our NItso HR software India, along with Employee Personal Profile.
  • $Leave Balances with drop down to ledger view.
  • $Loan Balances with drop down to ledger level view, Repayment Schedule & available respective balances of various Loans.
  • $Reimbursement details are available on Nitso online HRMS software with ledger level view, vouchers given & available respective balances of various Reimbursement heads.
  • $Employee CTC, Current & Historic Payslips along with Summarized payslip is available.
  • $Online Investment Declarations.
  • $Tax projection.

Leave Management Features

  • $Types of leaves in Nitso online HRMS software system can be defined in detail.
  • $Different types of policies can be defined in detail for different types of leaves.
  • $Leave policy can be set on Branch, Grade, and division levels.
  • $Employees can view Leave balances in Nitso online HRMS Software while applying for leaves.
  • $Approver’s Level can be set in our HRMS software system as per the requirement of the company.
  • $In case of zero balance of leaves, blocking/ allowing facility is available in our Human Resource Management Software System.
  • $Minimum/ Maximum number of Leaves in one instance can be controlled in Nitso HR software.
  • $Yearly & Monthly Leave ledgers are available for cross verification of leaves.
  • $Email intimation facility while submitting, accepting, rejected & canceled leaves applications.
  • $Tracking of leaves applied, approved, rejected & canceled is available in Nitso HRMS software.
  • $Leaves of every employee can be sorted out in our online HRMS software on basis of dates of application.
  • $Auto-posting of approved leaves can be done in the attendance module for salary processing.
Leave Management Key Features
Time Shift Management Key Features

Time Shift Management Features

  • $Shift master with shift policies.
  • $Minimum working hours for Full day, Half day, Extra working hours, late coming, and early go policy.
  • $Daily attendance reports for individual employees, department-wise and locations wise.
  • $An employee can check their attendance calendar on ESS Module.
  • $Grace Period for shift start time.
  • $Overtime management.
  • $Different kinds of reports.
  • $Graphical attendance views on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.

Exit Management Module Features

  • $Employees can submit online exit requests in our online HRMS software system.
  • $Request can be accepted or rejected by HOD.
  • $Exist requests will be sent to department heads for clearance.
  • $Department heads can track receivables from employees if any.
  • $On clearance, the application will be sent for further action.
  • $Auto transfer of data for Full & Final calculation.
Exit Management Module Key Features
Supplementary Payments and Reimbursement Module Key Features

Reimbursement Module Features

  • $Reimbursement application with the attachment of bills.
  • $Multiple Heads of Reimbursement with monthly accruals or yearly limit.
  • $An approver can adjust the claim amount in our human resource management software system while approving the application.
  • $Workflow can be defined to approve reimbursement applications.
  • $Auto Email Intimation for application submits, accept and reject.
  • $Reimbursement processing is done easily on our online HR software system with payroll cycle.

Expense Module Features

  • $Employees can submit expense reports electronically, detailing their business-related expenses.
  • $The module allows employees to upload digital copies of receipts and supporting documents.
  • $Includes customizable approval workflows, enabling managers to review and approve expense claims before processing reimbursements.
  • $The system can be configured to enforce company expense policies, ensuring established guidelines and limits.
  • $Employees can track the status of their expense claims in real-time.
  • $We offer a mobile app, enabling employees to submit expense claims on the go.
Reimbursement and Expense Module Features in hrms
Recruitment Module Key Features in employee management software

Recruitment Module Features

  • $HODs can submit requests for manpower and track their requisitions.
  • $The workflow could be defined for raised requisition requests.
  • $Vacancy creation and resume database management.
  • $Recruiters can track open positions and the status of candidates.
  • $Questionnaires could be set for designations & positions.
  • $Interview rounds are scheduled with email intimation.
  • $The onboarding process is thoroughly performed by our HRMS software system in India for selected candidates.
  • $Generate offer letters for selected candidates.

Onboarding Module Features

  • $Assign selected candidates to their respective departments, and branch.
  • $Provide information regarding the candidate's salary structure.
  • $Allows HR personnel to collect essential information from new hires, such as personal details, contact informations, etc.
  • $Management of important onboarding documents, including employment contracts, offer letters, and company policies.
Onboarding Module Features in Nitso HRMS software
Performance Management Key Features

Performance Management Module Features

  • $KRA definition with weightage.
  • $KPI definition with weightage.
  • $User-defined Rating scale.
  • $Different KPIs for different appraisal cycles.
  • $A final scorecard will be generated.
  • $The Appraisal cycle can be tracked in our online HRMS software with different levels of rating.
  • $Normalizer will do the final review and close the appraisal.

Training Management

  • $Course, Instructor, Category, Location, and other master's can be defined in our HRMS software in India.
  • $Training requests can be generated in the online HRMS software system with the approval process.
  • $Training calendar can be set with attendees and instructors.
  • $Evaluation of training, effectiveness, along with overall feedback.
  • $Training progress, and summary, along with detailed reports.
Training Management

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