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Cloud HRMS in India | Where to Purchase the best online HR software in India?

There are many different websites where you can get your hands-on Cloud HRMS in India, and in this scenario, the question of where to purchase the best HR software in India arises in every employer’s mind. What you may find is that the prices vary depending on where you make your purchase. Make it a point to shop around so that you can get the very best price on the product you want. The internet is the number one place where people go to buy Online HR systems. There are so many offered and even free demos to use that it is a great benefit. We all know that purchasing any software online is fast and convenient.

However, you do need to be careful when you purchase Cloud HRMS. You should make sure you are getting an effective Web HR solution and not some cheap software that just gets the job done.

The questions that you should keep in mind:

  • What types of services are offered by it?
  • Is there a way to ensure that the Cloud HR solution provider will provide you with after-sales support?
  • Is there any refund policy?
  • Doesn’t the software company provide adequate training and support?
  • Does the software company update the On-Cloud HRMS regularly?

Importance of Cloud HRMS for small Business

Cloud Human Resource software doesn’t only simplify your HR process, but the importance of Cloud HR is beyond profit and business.

Color me green: Cloud HR solution as a corporate response to climate change

The conduct of paperless transactions is fast becoming a hallmark of corporate social responsibility; any human resource office, naturally prone to being the most massive data reservoir of most organizations, through the use of best online HR software, can effectively support this worthwhile aim. Back when carbon footprint sounded like something only archaeologists or paleontologists would know about, paper was the norm, and using carbon paper was an advancement in streamlining. Today, human resource management, from hiring to firing, can be done effectively, efficiently, and in an eco-friendly way.

Online Hiring and Recruitment

Hiring and recruiting online is precisely like casting a massive net on a huge pond. Job listings can be made in seconds, resumes received and reviewed instantly and from a more extensive applicant base than one can ever hope to generate by making applicants use the old shoe leather technique. The right Human Resource Management Software can make it easier for managers to find and hire the right people, to draft and modify job listings, and do all of these using the least amount of working hours and resources. The last thing any HR team wants is to lose paper trails and resumes and records, resulting in wasted time and opportunities.

Collect, Organize and Store Employee Data using Cloud HR Solutions

An organization determined and committed enough to going green can make the phrase “fill this out in triplicate,” a funny remnant from bureaucracy’s past. Using the best online HR software, employees can modify their data, monitor leave credits, check company benefits, etc., without wasting paper and company time. An online database is provided, and employees can review and modify do all these from outside the office, doing so at their leisure and saving on company time and resources. Using the best online HR software also prevents the inconvenience of lost or misfiled data.

Employee Reviews, Ratings, Rants, and Raves

Managers can conduct employee assessments, issue commendations, and reprimands, and employees can access reviews, ratings, and other issuances regarding their job performance directly through an HR solutions database. Directives, comments, and other employer-employee communications that used to require receiving copies, file copies, and the like can be delivered, received, read, and acted on without print-outs and signatures and other time-wasting ways that made the carbon paper famous in its day. Such a database can also make it easier to collate employee information. This also promotes transparency in granting merits/demerits to employees and gives the management a more cohesive overview of each employee’s performance.

How to tell the boss off to his face, but do so from behind his back?

Employee assessment of employers and organizational plans and procedures is a cornerstone of excellent human resource management. Giving employees the means to be heard, while making sure that managers cannot possibly overlook what they have to say can make an organization that much more reliable. Giving employees the option of anonymity exponentially increases the chances of candid assessments, something that isn’t quickly done with the old pen-and-paper, optional name format. By providing this option using HR solutions instead of the Internet, HR officers can be that much more confident that managers won’t miss the assessments, and employee dissatisfaction can be addressed (preferably without alerting the competition to potential discord in the company).


Without trees being sacrificed and electronic waste products being produced, companies can provide for employee growth and development, and enhance employee skills by delivering e-learning programs. Employee skill enhancement can also be easily certified and included in the employee database. Studying through e-learning programs can also be conducted in a manner that is set by the employee’s learning pace and style.

The planet Earth is a resource that we must all share, and an organization contributing to saving this shared resource through using a Cloud HRMS is on the right corporate track.

Cloud HRMS over On-premise HR Solutions

Best online HR software has many advantages over traditional on-premises HR because of various reasons. Here are some bulleted points that will prove that Online HRMS is the future:

  • Cloud-HR is very cheap in the initial phase
  • Online HRMS doesn’t require any additional infrastructure in your office
  • Cloud HR could be accessed anywhere around the world
  • Online HR solution is updated frequently by the service provider
  • Companies like BoostHR provide HR solutions at costs as low as ₹ 10/employee/month
  • No need for any inhouse software expert

Which is the best online HR software in India?

Many companies like GreytHR, Kredily, SumHR, BoostHR, etc. are some prominent Cloud HR solutions providers in India.

Nitso HRMS on cloud is a growing online HR solution provider in India. here are the strengths of Nitso HRMS on Cloud (SAAS)

  • Customizable affordable plans for startups and small businesses.
  • Strong database security for its clients
  • Individual software for every HR function could also be integrated as per business requirement
  • Easy payment plans like per employee per month
  • Regular updating on the backend as per the industry requirements, tax benefits, government policies, labor laws
  • Adequate training at the time of purchase to its clients
  • 24 × 7 customer support.
  • Customized Online HR solutions as per client’s need

There is definitely plenty of great service providers out there where you can buy Cloud HRMS software. It is entirely up to you, but make sure you have taken the time to explore what is offered fully. You may find that the one-on-one guidance from managers and employers around can help you to make up your mind. Yet the price may be significantly lower to buy it from a growing company like Nitso. Explore the different options, so you don’t spend any more money on a Cloud (SAAS) HR system, and you get precisely what you need.

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