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Why Working from Home is the best solution to fight COVID-19

The world is currently fighting a global pandemic, the Corona Virus also known as the COVID-19. Originated from a meat market in the city of Wuhan, China in the late December of 2019, it has spread chaos all over the world now with number of people suffering from the virus reaching to almost three million worldwide. The world has come together to fight against this virus as developed countries are helping the under-developed countries. Most of the countries have implied lockdown all over their nation and ordered the citizens to stay inside their houses to minimize the spreading of the virus.

While this has affected businesses and companies as production has been halted and employees are not allowed to go to work following the orders. In India, as per the Prime Minister’s order, an official lockdown has been implied since 24th March, 2020. While the virus has been spreading rapidly in India as well, the Government has been working their full power to stop the spreading of the Corona Virus.

Following the orders of the Government, companies and businesses have shifted their working mechanism from the comfort of their homes. While employees from the medical sector have been asked to be present in their work which is commendable, companies of the IT sector have asked their employees to work from their homes. Companies associated with Accounts and Paperwork also have opted for work from home policy. This is a positive feat for the companies as it helps for the economical balance of the country as well. As companies have figured out a medium to ensure the work has been performed, it is also important that the work is evaluated properly as regular working days.

As most of the companies in India have facilitate their HR and Payroll processes with an HR Software best suited for their company, unlike the traditional method of maintaining excel sheet and paperwork, it is very important for HR Software company as well to ensure smooth functioning of the processes as well.

Our Nitso Team is also ensuring our clients that during this pandemic, we will take care of your HR Processes. As our software is cloud based as well, all the HR and Payroll Processes can be automated from home by the respective HR manager. Our cloud HRMS and Payroll software ensure the following HR & Payroll Processes:

HR Management Software:

Our HR Software comes with most of features that takes care of all your requirements relating to HR, Payroll, Compliance, Leave & Attendance management along with Employee Self Service, training’s, HRMS & Recruitment modules. The combination of these in one application will help you to align HR process along with organizations goal. System is designed in way that all of them are connected to same system. The roles and responsibility can be assigned and partial module or function rights can be shared. Going one step Ahead, Nitso HRMS is also equipped with additional utility which enables the data access restriction on division basis.

Payroll Management Software:

The Software generates all the outputs & statutory reports required by a Payroll application. Payroll Management Software covers all legal requirements like PF, TDS, ESIC, Professional Tax. Most of the legal calculations are parameterized. Also, regular upgrades are provided for changes in statutory rules & regulations. Payroll management Software helps in managing all Payroll & HR department activities like attendance, leave management, promotion & Transfers, salary generation, loan & advances, PF, ESIC & Income Tax.

Furthermore, our Nitso mobile HRMS app also helps you to ensure basic HR processes such as Attendance management and employee portal.

We request our clients to ensure to stay at home and help to fight this global pandemic. We also request you to help the needy as much as you can. Stay Home Stay Safe.

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